Martine Waltier



Martine was born a stone's throw from the bustling Thames and the sounds of Big Ben chimes.


An only child, Martine occupied her time exploring her father's busking keyboards whilst singing along to R&B videos she taped from MTV.


Having been encouraged to learn violin at an early age, Martine engaged with the classical world and started her journey into genre-mixing.


From a healthy dose of trips to the Albert Hall to the blaring of Ragga music whilst shopping in Brixton market; Martine was exposed to all kinds of music.


As a teenager she discovered the guitar, song-writing and trip-hop, leading her to front the Streatham based indie band, Someone. Their rehearsal room was the basement of a Catholic Convent, where they regularly had gigs in the living room of the very tolerant nuns.


Whilst studying Music at university, Martine found herself playing complex time signatures on violin with neo-prog band, Qadesh.


This initial encounter with Billy Bottle led to the forging of a great friendship and musical partnership.


Moving to Devon has given Martine the space to explore performance, composition and gardening.


As well as The Multiple, she appears on Dave Sinclair's solo albums and currently sings in MikeWestbrook&Company. She teaches vocals at Exeter Academy of Music and Sound.



Photo by Jack Gorman